We do not sell dowels, we sell a business plan


our Pakuri Dowels

Our dowels are part of a complete system - including tools and an inoculation service.  We sell professional dowels made for the mushroom industry.  The have a spiral cut which helps the mycelium move into the wood faster than traditional wood working dowels.  The tools we sell are also for the mushroom industry and can assist in easier inoculation of your birch trees.  We know this because we are mushroom professionals in the industry for a combined 20 years experience.

spiral cut dowels.jpg

Our service

We are proud to offer a service package in which we will inoculate your birch trees for you.  We work closely with your forest management plan, or with the help of Jussi at Silmu, we can help you develop a forest management plan.  Then our team of professionals will come and:

  1. Mark the trees to be inoculated
  2. Inoculate the tree and wax the dowel holes
  3. Mark each tree that has been inoculated

The marking that we do also helps to let others know that this is a cultivated forest, and that every man's rights does not apply here.





The future

Our company is made up of mushroom and forest experts.  We are constantly developing new methods and mushroom strains that can be beneficial to the forest owners in Finland.   We are currently conducting a large study trying to grow reishi mushroom in our partner Tuohi's forest in Lohja.  This study can pave the way to an entirely new product which can help forest owners see more value from their forest. 


Our Production

At Suomen AgroMetsä we control every aspect of our business.  We have a laboratory in which we produce the dowels under HEPA filters.  This way we can ensure that the products we sell are the most viable.  Our production is overseen by Lorin, who has recently been the head of production at the Austria mushroom research center.  His experience and dedication to quality ensures vital and productive products.


More information and Research Studies

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