Meet the team behind Suomen AgroMetsä


eric Puro

He studied economics and technology management at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.  After spending some time as a corporate technology consultant, he decided to pursue something more personally satisfying.

While living in Kentucky he saw the potential for mushrooms to play a vital role in forest management.  He learned cultivation methods and techniques there that inspired him.  After moving to Finland in the Fall of 2016 he saw the same opportunity in the forests of Finland.  The ecosystem role that mushrooms play is a vital one for the forest as well as forest owner, they are the bridge to combine both profit and ecosystem health.

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henri Lokki

He is a philosopher (VTM) and inventor who studied commerce in Turku School of Economics and various ecological systemic sciences (PDC, EDE, HM). Henri has been solving various problems and consulting for multiple companies and organizations in ecological issues since 2007, and from 2017 he has been a member of The Future research board led by UTU here in Finland. 

His family has a farm and he is deeply involved in both farm and forest industry through his passion on rural vitalization. In Agriculture, he has been working in sales, organic plant production, organic farming, systemic farm design, nature tourism and gardening education. From this, Henri has a good understanding about the agro/forest industry here in Finland, and he sees a huge and unused potential in speciality mushrooms to a tool to turn ecological standards into profitable business.


Lorin von longo-liebenstein

Amazed by mushrooms from his early childhood Lorin started an internship in the Mushroom Research Center Austria where he was involved in the development and research of new growing methods for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. He later changed into the Mushroom Production Center Austria where he worked as head of production for nearly 4 years.

He is now the head of production for Suomen AgroMetsä, and spends most of his days in the laboratory.  His passion is expanding the knowledge of mushrooms and finding new ways they can be used to better humanity.


Javi Mansilla

Javi Mansilla studied forestry (speciality of protection of ecosystems) in Polithecnic University of Valencia (Spain) and moved to Finland with an Erasmus grant to finish his studies.

Since the first year at university he got fascinated about mushrooms, but after finishing his studies their only role in his life was as prey during the long mushroom hunting sessions. During the last two years, though, mushrooms have become his main interest. He has being cultivating them and creating a strain library from edible species collected from Finnish forests and parks. His main aim at this moment is spreading the knowledge and passion about mushrooms and seeing them as commonly grown in forest, gardens and homes as at this moment are plants